Winterstoke Village – Residential

Winterstoke Village is located on the old Weston airfield, Weston-Super-Mare. Consisting of 2,400 homes and a commercial park which will create over 3,600 new jobs, this site is part of a much larger development strategy for Weston-Super-Mare.

UKPS was commissioned with the design and installation of the HV and LV network for the first phase of works consisting of 900 homes and a number of commercial units.

To date, UKPS has designed and installed four distribution substations and over 3,000m of HV cable. Since UKPS were appointed over 270 new homes and several commercial units have been successfully connected.

Like many developments of this size, detailed information only becomes available in smaller phases. UKPS was able to assist the client with outline costs based on the small amount of information available when construction began. The build-out strategy was developed with the client to future proof the site for upcoming phases and changes.

As a result the site has built out very quickly, benefitting from the close working relationship and fast response time UKPS have been able to offer.

Our Works:

  • Connect 900 houses and multiple commercial units.

  • Thousands of meters of 11kV cable installation.

  • Hundreds of street lighting connections


  • Quick installation of street lighting on clients new infrastructure layout

  • Able to save client significant upfront costs by assisting with site load and capacity strategy

  • Assist client with substation locations in order to provide most cost effective solution.

  • Able to propose a unique quoting method to reassure client on a site with ever changing requirements.

  • Local Project Manager for strong client support.

  • Personable design team able to makes changes

  • Ability to coordinate works with other utility providers involved.





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