Contestable works

What are contestable works?

OFGEM encourages competition in areas where this can make a positive difference for customers. This should mean that customers connecting to the network get fairer prices and better service.

There are two categories of work when providing new electrical utility connections:

  • Non-contestable work is work that can only be undertaken by the host Distribution Network Operator (DNO). For example the DNO is the only body permitted to determine the point of connection to the network.
  • Contestable work may be undertaken by a suitably accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP). Contestable works include the installation of cables, sub stations and other plant associated with the new connection.

Contestable works have emerged in response to the introduction of competition into the UK electrical distribution network. The benefits of using UKPS to complete contestable works include faster delivery, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This gives our customer more choice and greater control over their new connection process. At UKPS we will project manage both the contestable and non-contestable elements of a new connection to provide our customers with a complete connection solution.

Which works are contestable?

Below is a brief summary of which works are categorised as contestable and non-contestable:

Contestable works:

  • Electrical Design of Distribution Networks

  • Project Management

  • Cable Laying

  • Cable Jointing

  • Substation Installation

  • Civil Works including site preparation, excavation

  • Certain elements of existing network diversions

  • In some cases final connection to the existing distribution network.

Non-Contestable Works

  • Processing the “Non-Contestable” application

  • Determining the Point of Connection*

  • Design Approval of the network* 

  • Inspection of the “Contestable” works during construction

  • Disconnection and removal of existing supplies

  • Network Reinforcement*

  • Administration costs associate with network adoption

  • Obtaining statutory wayleaves

  • For larger HV* and EHV jobs, the final testing and connection to the electricity network.

* OFGEM, through The Competition in Connections Code of Practice defines, amongst other things, the extent of Non-Contestable works. We envisage that UKPS will be able to undertake aspects of the work here marked with an asterisk in the future.

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