UKPS Training Centre

UKPS are putting their new in-house training centre at Stonehouse to good use this week as they undergo a live jointing refresher course for their jointing teams.

The refresher programme, one of many put together by Technical Trainer David Lane, is designed to keep the teams’ jointing skills to a high standard if they have not been required to use them for a certain amount of time. David explains:

“All of our jointers have completed a live jointing course externally in the past, but the teams we have this week have not used these skills on site for a while as they have been busy on high rise projects in London. We’ve brought them in to maintain good habits, techniques and safety procedures when it comes to jointing.”

The jointing refresher course includes the training team supervising the jointers while they perform several tasks. During the process the supervisors will point out any improvements or techniques that the staff may need to work on specifically.

The tasks include a straight joint as live; a live mains breaches joint; service to mains; substation pillar termination; and cable testing. The tasks will go towards sign-off as well as keeping the processes fresh in their minds. David clarifies:

“The course is less of a test and more of a coaching exercise. We talk through their decisions and techniques throughout the tasks.”UKPS Training Centre

David went on to explain what the future plan is for the jointing teams attending the refresher course this week:

“We’re looking into recruiting quite heavily in London over the next few months which would free this team up to eventually be able to concentrate on jointing work for the majority of their time. This is why the refresher course is especially important, they need to hit the ground running with the future jointing projects and produce the quality of work expected by UKPS and our clients.”

The training centre is utilised to train all staff members for relevant assessments, refreshers and tests that may be required for their individual roles.

With the growth of UKPS showing no signs of slowing, it is important that the growing workforce stays up to date with their skill sets and continue to develop as we move forward as a company. The investment in the training centre and David’s dedicated role as Technical Trainer are the first steps towards building an established, industry-recognised training asset for UKPS.

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