UKPS Communications Day


Last week the staff of UKPS came together from across the UK to attend the annual Communications Day at Forest Green Rovers Football Club in Gloucestershire.

The day is an opportunity for each department to tell their colleagues how the last year has been, how they are currently operating and their plans for the year ahead.

Arguably the most notable departmental change came from the Design department this year. The department has grown from three employees into a 19 person team that spans two offices in London and Stonehouse.

Growth is the running theme across the company. The Estimation department are planning for an in-house gas quotations team in order to provide multi-utilities solutions to our customers.

The Construction department is the largest in the company with over 300 live projects being managed at any one time. They are currently planning their strategy for gas installations and are now accreditedUKPS Communications Dayunder the Lloyds Gas Industry Registration.

The growth of UKPS has been spearheaded by our Sales department. Sales have grown six fold since 2011 and show no signs of slowing down. The team are clearly extremely excited to start selling multi-utility projects to current and potential clients.

The Communications Day was a complete success and the Directors were delighted to see the 200 strong team come together and discuss the importance of communication within UKPS as the company continues its incredible growth.

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