Kyle Morgan

“I like the pressure and the environment I work in”

Kyle enjoys problem solving and mentoring our new Designers

Kyle Morgan joined UKPS as an Assistant Designer. With his talents and enthusiasm it wasn’t long until he became our Lead Designer and Planning Engineer in London. His time is split between his design work on various projects and managing the new Design team at the London office.

Aptitude for engineering

Kyle began his engineering career at university with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Although he had studied some aspects of electrical engineering, UKPS provided Kyle with the training and support to develop his skills and knowledge to the required level.

Kyle believes that to be successful at UKPS it is more important to have the right attitude rather than the right degree:

“The main criteria I would say is to have an aptitude for engineering. You don’t necessarily have to be electrically trained to begin with; just a knowledge and desire to be in the engineering world will go a long way. Mechanical and civil engineers will be comfortable in this industry.”

Everything is unique

UKPS operate in an industry that is constantly changing. New processes, changing plans and unforeseen circumstances means our team must be ready for any challenge on every project. Kyle has experienced a lot in his time at UKPS and has identified a key skill that comes in handy in the construction industry:

“If there are issues with a project, communication is absolutely key. If you do come across a problem, talking to the client and keeping them informed with your decisions and solutions can often make a difference to how successful a project is.

“I like the pressure and the environment I work in. Everything is unique, no two projects are the same. That is what has kept me interested during my time at UKPS.”

An ideal start

UKPS is the first company Kyle has worked for since graduating. He was offered a job with us and he accepted straight away, even cancelling an interview he had secured with another company.

He has enjoyed his time with us so far and would recommend UKPS to other engineering graduates:

“I think UKPS is the perfect opportunity for graduates to get a foot in the engineering door. The support is definitely there, especially from the senior Designers.

“The career progression is there too, if you have the right attitude. It can be a stressful environment, but if you’ve got the right personality you will flourish. UKPS is an ideal start for graduates in the engineering world.”

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