Jamie Charles

“I knew this was the place I wanted to be.”

Jamie wants to grow with UKPS

Jamie Charles has been with UKPS for almost six years and has seen the company grow from strength to strength. Joining as a Civil Design Engineer, Jamie’s industry knowledge and palpable personality made him the perfect fit as Sales Manager. He has stepped up to the challenge and hasn’t looked back.

Communication is key

The sales team is often the first point of contact for new and existing clients. As the face of UKPS, Jamie and his team need to know the utilities industry avidly to be able to confidently communicate why we are the right choice for any project they are trying to secure:

“The key skill is communication, you need to be able to communicate with the customer. We need to understand our industry, our product and how our company operates.”

Being the people that sell UKPS’ services means the sales team are often the first to be contacted if problems arise. Jamie is aware of this and emphasises the team effort behind the scenes:

“The whole team at UKPS are great at coming together if there’s a problem. A key skill is being able to fight fires. I may be the first person a client phones when there’s a problem, but I may not be the one that solves it. Rather than the firefighter, I’m the knight in shining armour in the clients’ eyes. I make sure the problem is solved and relay the good news back to the client.”

The place to be

Some things seem to happen for a reason.

Jamie achieved a Master’s degree in Construction and Project Management and began his career on a graduate scheme with a global engineering consultancy firm. Unfortunately due to the recession he was made redundant along with many others, but this gave him the opportunity to join UKPS:

“I nearly went offshore, but UKPS came in with an offer. When I came down to meet the team I fell in love with the place right away and knew this was the place I wanted to be. I wanted to grow with this company.”

Forward thinking

Due to the nature of the construction and utilities industry, each project has challenges that need solving. UKPS know this and pride ourselves on the problem solving abilities of the entire workforce. Jamie explains:

“It’s about advising the customer in the right manner about the challenges and problems along the way. What we do well at the front end is offer that technical support. The sales team are not just out-and-out sales people, we are engineers and we are quite forward thinking.”

You are UKPS. We are UKPS

UKPS believe that the right people with the right support make an integral difference to business performance. Jamie is clearly a natural salesman and a key figure behind the growth of UKPS over the past few years. His mindset shows why:

“I like the adrenaline of the sale and I like it when the company succeeds. Here you’re not just a number, you’re an integral part of the company and their growth. You are UKPS. We are UKPS.”

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