Renewable Energy Connections:

The UK needs more energy from renewable sources.

The renewables sector is evolving rapidly requiring the specialist connection services that UKPS are able to offer.

Developments are often in remote locations with limited access, requiring our expertise in planning, design and project management. At UKPS we pride ourselves on delivering connection solutions that meet the demanding criteria of these projects, while meeting deadlines and providing a cost effective alternative to the Distribution Network Operator.

We work in partnership with clients to ensure they are included at every step of the process. Each project is supported by our dedicated team, with clearly identified points of contact at each step of the process. Our supportive and personable service will guide you through the process, providing a transparent and efficient connection solution.

Find out more about the connection process here.

We have vast experience delivering connections to renewable energy projects including:

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Energy from Waste

  • Anaerobic Digesters/Biomass

  • Combined Heat and Power

  • Hydro Electric

To talk to us about your renewable project and connection requirements please contact us today on 0845 2577105 or click here

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