Lighting Up Wembley Park

Lighting Up Wembley Park

The Wembley Park development is one of the largest in London. Spanning 85 acres surrounding the National Stadium, the construction of 7,000 homes; a number of commercial and retail buildings; and the generation of over 8,000 jobs promises to create a vibrant new community bustling with life, work and entertainment.


The project is vast and has been split into phases that will be completed over several years. UKPS secured the high voltage works across the development and have secured the majority of low voltage connections. The works cover homes, retail and commercial buildings across the entire Wembley Park development. Sub stations for the current phases were to be completed first, with low voltage supplies from the sub stations eventually being connected to the completed buildings.


The scale of the development alone is a challenge for the works being carried out by all construction firms, let alone UKPS.

With each phase being managed by different builders, UKPS have to build relationships with the builders at each phase and learn the differing processes and rules at each site.

Carefully scheduling works has to be done alongside the Distribution Network Operator, the builders and the management of Wembley Park. The National Stadium and Wembley Arena are venues for many popular events throughout the year. Up to 80,000 people can descend on the area which creates countless challenges for the ongoing works. It is crucial that UKPS plan out and finish works on time in order to prevent disruption of events and maintain the safety of visitors.


UKPS have handled, and continue to handle, the challenges of Wembley Park extremely professionally.

We feel the key has been the wealth of expert knowledge we have across the company. Experienced Project Managers, Designers, Engineers and Installers have worked together to solve problems and offer ideas for future phases.

Although each phase has different contractors, UKPS have tried to keep the same core of people working across the development in order to build our relationships at each phase and feel confident that we know how each contractor operates.


The development at Wembley Park is still ongoing and is expected to finally be completed in 2024. However, UKPS have successfully completed their works at several phases on time, to budget and to the high standards expected by ourselves and our clients.

The quality of our work and the relationships we have built with contractors on each site has led to UKPS securing LV works at the upcoming phases. We know how they like to work and are accustomed to their standards and processes which certainly helped win the contracts.

Wembley Park is a vast project and one that UKPS is proud to be a part of.


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