At UKPS we understand that the most important thing about a connection is that it gets delivered on time and on budget. A project manager will work closely with you and our design team at every stage to ensure a seamless delivery of your project.

On Site Works

Coordination between teams is essential in order to minimise disruption on site and keep to your deadlines. Our specialist connection project managers are experienced in working with and around other teams. They will coordinate our site works with other on site teams to ensure all works go to plan.

Flexibility is maintained throughout the delivery of the connection as far as possible to work around your build schedule.

Energisation Date

We provide you with a confirmed energisation date as early as possible in the project lifecycle. While certain works are reliant on the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), and are therefore limited by their availability, we work with the DNO closely in order to have them adhere to the project deadlines.

Health and Safety

We place the upmost importance on health and safety and maintaining safe systems of work. An in house health and safety manager constantly reviews and amends the company health and safety procedure to keep in line with current legislation.


As a fully accredited member of the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS), UKPS combine a wealth of experience with the necessary certification to design and construction networks ready for adoption by the Distribution Network Operator.


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