How does UKPS attract and retain the most talented people in the utility connections industry?

There is no secret formula and there is no short answer! However, we like to think that the following four factors are some of the reasons why we have this fantastic group of people that make up UKPS.


The construction and utilities industries are constantly changing. No two buildings are the same, which means that each project requires new skills and solutions to deliver a job to a happy client. Each new project provides new skills and experiences for our team, making them grow as a result.

We give our employees responsibility from the very beginning. They develop their foothold in the industry right from the start, promoting growth and confidence in their own abilities.


As a growing business in a booming industry, new opportunities are always around the corner at UKPS. We encourage our staff to pursue what they are passionate about. If you have an interest in other aspects of the business, show your interest and it may lead somewhere.

We offer fantastic career progression. We love to see employees join at entry level and climb the ranks of UKPS to senior management. We give you the opportunities to do this and hope you take the chance.


Support is valued across the whole company. Our experienced management teams are there to support our staff and help them reach their potential.

We believe that effective communication is key to supporting one another. Although UKPS has grown into a large company in a short space of time, we have kept it personable and retained the benefits you get from a smaller company. Everyone knows everyone and you feel comfortable going to anyone for guidance.


We have employees with varying degrees of experience and industry knowledge who have proved themselves invaluable by embracing the training and courses we provided. UKPS now have a dedicated training facility and have the ambition to become recognised in the industry for the standards of training we provide.

If you feel you are the right fit for UKPS we would love to hear from you. Check our current vacancies and contact us today.


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